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Market of used industrial equipment and machinery

Manufacturer: UNGERER

Net price:50000.00 zł

Model: 2K SPC2.1

Net price:200.00 zł

Manufacturer: SIG

Net price:50000.00 zł

Manufacturer: Revent International AB
Model: G 135 SPECIAL

Net price:10000.00 zł

Manufacturer: E.T. Oakes Corporation
Model: 14M10

Net price:15000.00 zł

Category: Washers
Manufacturer: KD Baeckereimaschinen Dipl. Ing. Stephan Putz & Co.
Model: LPBM Margo Ratio
Year: 2005

Net price:10000.00 zł

Manufacturer: SIG

Net price:20000.00 zł

Manufacturer: Gerhard Schubert GmbH Verpackungsmachinen
Model: SNC-GK

Net price:300000.00 zł

Category: Packaging machines
Manufacturer: ROVEMA

Net price:100000.00 zł

Manufacturer: HW E.Happle u. Sohn KG

Net price:80000.00 zł