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Warehouse with back office liquidation

Forklifts, pallet trucks, cable shepherd, circular saw, DELL laptops, DELL desktop computer, photocopiers, landlines and cellular telephones.

Auction number: 130

Poland, Konin

25 liters kegs

25 liter kegs / barrels - 400 pieces

Auction number: 129


Used Restaurant Equipment

Used gas fryers, pressure fryers, pressure heaters, pizza's heaters, heating sites, bemars, decoration elements (decoration airscrew/fan), colloid mills (shredders organic waste), wooden anti-slip trays, champagne glasses.

Auction number: 128


Complete line for the production of energy drinks

Complete line for energy drinks production consisting of a sugar dissolving station with a capacity of 4000 l / h, sugar syrup pasteurizer with a capacity of 4000 l/h, the station for the preparation of small components with a tank of 250 liters and a set of mixing tanks with a capacity of 4000 liters, CIP (heat exchanger, metering pump, three tanks of 1500 liters), a device for the mineralization of water, the reservoir of liquefied CO2, steam generator, water softener, 10,000 liters water taks, York refrigerant compressor, Mixer KOMI, apparatus for pouring in 25 liter kegs, line for a can with a capacity of: 4000-6000 cans / hour. (semi-automatic cans discharger, cans washer, pouring machine, stamper - timestamp machine, transporters, cans turntables, packing with trays and dressing in film, control of pouring).

Auction number: 127


Auction number: 126


Auction number: 125

Poland, Grzebowilk

Used cosmetic-dental chairs

Used cosmetic-dental chairs Belas AB Cancan 2100 E, used laboratory centrifuges

Auction number: 124

Poland, Grzebowilk

Second hand catering equipment

Used beverage hoods, sinks, cold rooms equipment and air-conditioning chillers

Auction number: 123

Poland, Grzebowilk

Office restaurant liquidation - used catering equipment

Used dishwasher, used combi steamers, used cookers hoods, refrigerated counters, refrigerators, stainless steel shelving, slicers, sinks, cold rooms, refrigeration units, electric stools

Auction number: 121

Poland, Warszawa