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How to sell

Contact our office:

Phone #1: +48 604 068 817
Phone #2: +48 794 790 764
E-mail: [email protected]

  • We buy used industrial equipment;
  • We are searching for customers for industrial equipment around the world;
  • We organize dedicated auctions on our platform;

Purchase of industrial equipment

We cooperate with many companies that continually expressed to us the need for used industrial equipment. If you are interested in a quick sale, please contact us by phone or fill in the following form:

Report equipment for sale

What are your benefits of organizing auctions with Bid24?

  • Quick access to specialized sales platform with a wide range of products and goods in the shortest possible time;
  • Comprehensive preparation of the auction by us (photos, descriptions, advertising through trade publications, newsletters, brochures, etc.);
  • A large number of bidding companies increases the possibility of obtaining better prices;
  • Dismantling machines / lines is performed by Buyer;
  • Access to new customers - Bid24 is the first of its kind in Poland, which covers the operation of countries from around the world;
  • Professional preparation and protection against unreliable contractors;
  • Only now - selling by Bid24 cost you nothing !!!

How the auction selling process looks like ?

1. Verification

  • making a list of auction lots
  • preliminary lots evaluation
  • a visit to the seller, list verification
  • offer of cooperation
  • cooperation agreement

2. Preparation

  • inventory of equipment
  • photographic and video documentation
  • drawing up a marketing plan
  • organizing presentation days

3. Sale

  • lots on the issue
  • informing merchants
  • auction service
  • billing

4. Finalization

  • payments of invoices
  • organizing collections days
  • settlement with the seller