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How to buy

1. Registration

To be able to place a bid and use advanced functions of this platform you must register first. Registration is free and disposable. The registration form is available here. If you have any issues with the registration, we encourage you to read the registration instructions.
On the e-mail provided in the registration form you will receive message with instructions of activating your account. Briefly you will have to click or copy the link provided in the message.

2. Login and equipment search

With an active account, you can login by filling your e-mail address and password you provided during registration and start searching for equipment, which you are interested.

There are several ways of searching equipment:

3. Bidding

To place a bid you must be logged. Before you bid, do the following

  1. Read Specific Conditions of Auction available in the "Specific Auction Terms" on each auction page. You will find there schedule, payment, viewing and collection details and additional conditions for specific Auction. This information is complementary to the General Terms and Conditions of Bid24.
  2. For each auction Bid24 organizes presentation days, during which you can individually view each item and verify its actual condition.
  3. Pay special attention to the description of lots, starting and closing dates, viewing and collection days, actual biddings, tax rates and "additional costs" that can occur with lot. By additional costs we mean in example dismantling or loading. Please note that the final price of the auctioned equipment consists of:
    • Your bid for the lot
    • Markup for lot
    • Additional costs also shown against each lot (dismantling, loading)
    • VAT tax
  4. Refer and remember the basic principles of auctions in Bid24
  5. Place a bid by completing the "My new offer, net" field and click the "Bid" button. The amount should not include the decimal part (comma and period are not allowed). When you click the "Bid" blue box will appear with a summary of your bid. You will find there your amount increased by markup, VAT and any additional costs associated with lot. Confirm your bid by clicking the "confirm" button or unsubscribe from the bid. Once you have confirmed your bid it is unconditional and irrevocable.
  6. During the auction you will receive from us e-mails confirming your actions on the site:
    • when you place new bid
    • for each overbid by another user
    • for each automatic bid (if you placed automatic bid)
    • when combination was bid, in which is lot bidded by you.
    You can configure notifications according to your needs in the My Account > Notifications section.

4. Payment

Auction is closed after closing last lot. Only now you'll get the information whether you won your lots. If your offer has proven to be the highest you will get an e-mail with the attached contract (pro-forma invoice). The relevant documents will also be available in the "My Account" > "My purchases" section.

Upon receipt of the pro-forma invoice, you should pay for the auctioned lots. By default (unless otherwise indicated in the Specific Conditions of Auction) within 2 working days amount must be transfered to the indicated in the agreement (pro-forma invoice) bank account. When the payment is made you will receive an email from Bid24 with invoice for auctioned lots.

If you will not receive an e-mail confirming the win and the auctioned item will not appear in the "My purchases" section of your account that means that you didn't win the lot. There could be several reasons:

  • You've been outbid by another user
  • Lot was auctioned as part of a combination
  • Your bid did not reach the minimum price

If you do not receive an e-mail, and the auctioned lot will be visible in your account under "My purchases" that means you won lot but there was an issue with delivery e-mail message to your mailbox.

5. Collection

After payment for auctioned lots you can pick them up. The default date and place of receipt is determined by Bid24 in the Special conditions of the auction. Date and place of acceptance can be determined individually (via telephone). Bid24 can arrange transportation of items to the place designated by Buyer (individual arrangements - please contact us).