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PerMix PSG -300 series Sigma Kneader

PerMix PSG -300 series Sigma Kneader

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2015-02-03 16:03:13

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The PerMix PSG series Sigma Kneader, which is also known as the Double 'Z' Arm Kneader, is used for the mixing-kneading of materials with very high viscosities (over 500,000 cps). With its unique design of Z-shaped mixing tools installed in two semi-cylinders, the PerMix PSG series Sigma Kneaderis able to provide a combined functions of compressing, stretching, folding, kneading & mixing, which makes it widely used in the chemical, food, sealing compound and paint industries, among others.

Technical data:
Sigma Kneader, PSG-300 Set
Working volume: 200L
Power supply: 38V, 3ph, 50Hz
Motor power of kneader: 18.5kW
Singe speed rotation: 38rpm/24rpm
Electric control cabinet, including:
Control of the tilting and back of the vessel

How It Works:
In the PerMix PSG series Sigma Kneader, there are two special designed Z-shaped rotating elements installed in a W-shaped chamber, the intersection of which forms a saddle piece and meeting tangentially just above the saddle. They rotate at different speeds (usually in the ratio of 3:2) and in opposite direction. The mixing action is a combination of bulk movement, smearing, stretching, folding, dividing, and recombining as the material is pulled and squeezed against blades, saddle, and side walls. Continually new layers of material are compressed and folded over one another and are subjected to shearing forces. New surfaces are formed and the components can penetrate. The blades, which are ground and polished, successively sweep all points of the trough surface during each revolution, at the same time dividing the batch continuously across the saddle piece and thereby rapidly affecting a perfectly homogeneous mix.
General data
CategoryMixing / Tumbling