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Co2 Laser to cut and grawer 1006C

Co2 Laser to cut and grawer 1006C

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WS-C series - for engraving and cutting non-metallic materials.
It is characterized by a full lockable housing in four sizes and is available in three options with RECI tubes with power W2- ~ 100W, W4- ~ 130W and W6- ~ 150W RECI.
Which makes it ideal for cutting and engraving, and the use of the so-called rotary attachment (spindle), spatial solids such as bottles, mugs, cans can be processed. The WS-C series is equipped as standard with a knife-type knife table with an additional honeycomb cover, Wi-Fi controller, a Red Cross laser marker and a professional cooling system. WS-C series lasers can be additionally equipped with; elevated table, CCD system with a camera used for cutting on the contour or on the basis of markers and auto focus. The large site and the work area illuminated by LEDs make it easier to observe the operation of the device.

All Weni Co2 lasers have; Stainless steel connection elements, high-quality brand components, stable construction without stress arising during the production process, and thanks to the use of a Wi-Fi controller, the control of multiple lasers takes place with the help of a single computer. Coeni lasers by Weni are simple and intuitive, based on professional RDWorks software and reliable Ruid controllers.

WS-C model WS1006 initial configuration series
- 1000x600mm working field
- Power ~ 100W tube RECI W2
- Cruising table
-Additional honeycomb cover for cutting and facilitating smoke extraction
- laser indicator so-called "Red Cross" its task is to precisely indicate the working place of the laser beam - helpful in positioning
-CW3200 professional cooling system for a laser tube with automatic device shutdown at too high operating temperature
-Compressor activated only for work, used to cover the lens against dirt and to support the cutting process
- Exhaust gas extraction system with a fan
- Wi-Fi / USB / Ethernet TCP / IP communication
- LCD display
- RDWorks software
-Instruction PL / EN

The output configuration of the WS-C series can be modified in the following scope:
- Power (RECI W2, W4, W6)
- table size (model)
- Electric up / down table
- Spindle (rotary table)
- Autofocus (automatically set focal length)

Net price: 21900pln
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ManufacturerWeni Solution